Thursday, March 4, 2010


today i went to go find my car after school and i couldn't exactly spot it right away in the parking lot even though i craned my neck a little to try to see where it was. i guess i should grow taller... anyway, i was giving a guy i know a ride to work so i needed to find my car, and soon, and i couldn't find it even after craning a little (did i say i craned my neck to look?) and guess what i assumed?

i had a little panic attack inside (and when that happens my little personality runs around inside my cranium and makes her hair all messy with her hands and pounds on my brain case with her little fists and jumps up and down spastically yelling 'gaaaaaaa'! - which is really quite annoying, and a little disconcerting - but you'd never know that she does that because she's actually very quiet due to the soundproof insulation system i recently installed in my skull).

and i assumed that i had forgotten my car on my kitchen table with my coffee cup.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i should probaby write things down

this morning, i made a note to myself - a real note, not a mental note because i don't really know where those little mental notes go, but i think that the mental sticky notes i bought at the local mental Staples don't quite stick to my cerebrum correctly and when i run around they must fly out my ears or something because whenever i go rummaging through that mental basket labeled 'mental notes' on my mental desk in my mental office, i can never find those little mental notes. i can't find them anywhere. so i think they come out of my ears - anyway, this morning i made a note to myself, but it wasn't about what to write in this blog post - that was, foolishly, a mental note - and so, i guess, i should probably write things down

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