25 random things about me

  1. My biggest fear is being abducted by strange scary men who hide in the dark. I am even convinced sometimes at 11 o'clock at night after I have finished my homework and everyone else is in bed that there SURELY is such a man somewhere between my kitchen and my bedroom. Which is impossible.
  2. I consider my hair and myself to be a completely different persons. What my hair wants to do and what I want it to do are usually completely different things. So if I ever think, "Hey, my hair looks good today," I think it with the same attitude as I would think, "Hey, I really like Nicole's shirt."
  3. One time, when I was in the third grade, I came back from the bathroom and my whole class was gone. They were in the library, but I didn't know that. And because I knew that if you look for someone whom you have no idea where they are, you will get lost too, I stayed in my class for an hour and did work in the dark until everyone got back.
  4. I actually like it when the peer counselors stand at the front door of the school on Wednesdays and say good morning to everyone.
  5. My best boy friend and one of my best girl friends are also my oldest boy friend and girl friend, respectively. I have known both of them since I was 4, give or take a few months. But I don't think they knew each other then. Isn't that odd?
  6. I have always flirted with the idea of joining the military. I also have always wanted to shave my head.
  7. My truck's name is Noah. It's "Noah Benjamin," officially, but no one actually calls him that. My iPod's name is Meghan Sapphire (and she uses both names), but my GPS is just named Shirley. Plus, Emily Anderson and I just named my radio Wilson. Willy for short.
  8. "On a scale of one to awesome, we're, like, Michael Phelps." ~Seth Jones
  9. Over the course of my lifetime, I have done gymnastics, cheerleading and dance, played softball, volleyball and soccer, swam and ran track. The fact that I did all these states not that I'm really athletic, but that I really couldn't find anything I was good at. :)
  10. When I was little, I used to think that God made sunny days and Satan made rainy days. My theology was a little skewed...
  11. The other day, when I was walking out of the guidance office signing up for an appointment, a huge chunk of fake wood railing jumped out at me and impaled my thumb. Really.
  12. I've decided to learn to play the guitar this summer.
  13. I have an obsessive personality. So I don't just "like" things or "not like" things. I either love them or I hate them, and once I have decided which emotion to feel, I love or hate with a passion. And if I love with a passion, it means I am totally obsessed, and all I talk about and spend money on and pay attention to for about two weeks is that particular obsessive thing. About two weeks in, though, the obsession has pretty much worn off. If at that point I still love the thing I was obsessed with, then it's pretty much one of my "favorite things ever in the whole world" for the rest of time.  
  14. I am extremely gullible. But I'm not very ticklish. 
  15. My favorite foods are as follows: Chinese food, Nutella, butternut squash, pineapples, and sweet potato chips (but not together).
  16. My eyes are green. Believe it or not, lots of people don't know this, and if asked what color my eyes are without looking, most people say blue. Two responses to this statement ("I have green eyes", I mean) were... "Wow. You actually have the greenest eyes I've ever seen." ~John Tortorello, and even "People have green eyes?" ~John Fanning.
  17. I shiver every time I see roadkill.
  18. When I was 2, before my sister was born, my parents bought me a baby doll so I could learn how to hold my soon-to-be sister. I was pretty good at holding the doll, but I also liked to throw it down the stairs.
  19. If I was banished to a deserted island and I could take four books with me besides the Bible (that would be a total of 5 books), they would be Twilight, Anne of Green Gables, The Hobbit, and the thesaurus.
  20. Kyle Dwyer acknowledged me in the hall today.
  21. When I was little, I had a stuffed Big Bird that went with me everywhere I went. I think my dad said that one time we were going to Vermont and I left it at home and I wouldn't sleep without it so we had to go back midway and get it. But maybe I just made that up...
  22. Something that made me laugh the other day was Mike Williams' t-shirt, which said: "And then Buffy staked Edward. The End." 
  23. I have an infatuation with borrowing other peoples' clothing. I would much rather borrow someone else's clothes than buy the exact same thing myself.
  24. My favorite color is purple.
  25. I've never flown on a plane. That makes it kind of difficult to memorize vocab terms in French all about airports and plane terminals, since I really have no idea what they're talking about, and I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what the difference is between an airport comptoir and a train station guichet.
And, oh yeah. My IPEC class is going to win IPEC day. Because we are AP IPEC.

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