Tuesday, September 29, 2009

here is life - a sequel

child, I am with you
in your despair
though you cannot see Me
I'm always there
I'm reaching down to lift you
from where you fell
My arms already hold you
keep you safe and well
I'm speaking, I am calling
- you just won't hear
no matter where you stray, love,
I promise to be near
darling, turn from sinning
and run to Me
no hole or wall can hinder
My love for thee

Monday, September 28, 2009


hello my name is emma
i live in a hole
living for myself
has taken its toll
cold walls surround me
i cannot see
there’s a whole lotta space
between god and me
i sorta wanna stay here
the rest of my days
my memories of jesus
are veiled in haze
there’s nothing i can do
to save my soul
won’t somebody help me
get out of this hole?

p.s. the feelings described in this poem do not apply to my life now. they are based on last year, and since then Jesus has given me grace to love him again.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Return to me, my love

She looks back at me, a guilty look on her face, as I stand silent, willing her to return to me, holding out my arms to her.

Return to me, my love.

She makes up her mind; she turns, grasping her lover's arm, letting herself be led away.

I know what she's doing. I know what she's thinking. She'll make up for it tomorrow, apologize until she's convinced herself she's blameless. She doesn't NEED to beat herself up; I'll forgive her freely... but the relationship won't be the same. She'll be distracted, dissatisfied. She'll leave again. It will become harder and harder for her to resist temptation. She'll forget what our love used to be - peace, ecstasy, satisfaction. She will drift, she'll be unhappy, for no lover can promise her the faithfulness I lavish on her daily.

Return to me, my love.

She is my bride, my love, my image. She is mine and I am hers; I delight in her being, in her passion, in her joy. I am the bridegroom; she is my friend. I watch over her, care for her, provide for her. I hold her in my hands, draw her close to me in my arms. I am strong. I am merciful. I will never leave her nor forsake her. I am faithful despite her unfaithfulness. I am forever. I am God.

Does she know it is I who satisfies? Does she know it is I who is good?

I am her knight in shining armor, who rescued her from the mighty dragon, who loves her more than anyone else could.

I love her.

I LOVE her.

I took away the blood-red stain of her impurity and clothed her in bright white love. I gave my very life for her.

I will continue to pursue her. And I will never let her go.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

sorry... school.